Changing Lives Every day!:

   Prescott Meals On Wheels provides three things:
1) A nutritious, freshly prepared meal daily.
   2) A wellness check with each meal delivery.
3) Precious moments of conversation and socialization.
Combined, these three things allow an individual to live in their own home with a sense of safety and dignity for as long as possible.
 We serve or deliver one hot nourishing meal per day, both in a congregate setting at our Hilltop Cafe and to our homebound clients. Patrons are served cafeteria style by our volunteer staff from 11:15 am to 12:45 pm Monday through Friday. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. In addition, volunteers deliver meals daily to those who are homebound to ensure the opportunity of one healthy meal for those who need it the most.

We are a qualified charitable organization with the Arizona Tax Credit program- QCO#20219.
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Prescott Meals On Wheels
1280 E Rosser St, Prescott, AZ 86301