Prescott Meals on Wheels (PMOW) provides nutritional meals to the elderly
and/or disabled on a daily basis enabling them to live independently with safety
and dignity in the Prescott area. We serve the social needs of our clients through
interaction by our drivers in the client’s home, and by providing a meal in the
congenial atmosphere of our dining room. Along with meal delivery, we provide a
wellness check. We network with other organizations to refer clients to them
who may need physical or mental health services.

Three keys to fulfill our mission:
1) Dedicated Volunteers: Who compassionately give their time by using their own vehicles to deliver our homebound meals; coming in early mornings to package prepare and serve food, working in our on-site thrift shop, supporting staff in the office, and participating in special fundraising committees and events.
2) Community Networking: We network with other organizations and individuals who are also concerned about the problems facing our aging populace.

3) Caring Donors: Who give cash and/or in-kind donations to support everyday activities like the purchasing of food to make meals or gift certificates for an upcoming event. Donors are individuals, businesses and foundations.
Prescott Meals On Wheels
1280 E Rosser St, Prescott, AZ 86301