Delivering More than a Meal:
Meals on Wheels is a community based program designed to meet the nutritional and social needs for seniors and disabled adults who are homebound. Below are a few profiles of the many people who are assisted by Meals on Wheels programs throughout the country.
GertrudeAt 83, Gertrude has experienced a lifetime of family and hard work. Now alone, she lives in an older mobile home. A stroke three years ago forces her to use a walker and she experiences a variety of age-related pain. In spite of that, Gertrude maintains a positive outlook but feels isolated from the community. Gertrude says, “I look forward to the Meals on Wheels driver more for the conversation than the food, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t fix a meal for myself like the one I get from Meals on Wheels.”
Roger Roger, a veteran of WWII is very proud of his wartime record as evidenced by the framed display of his decorations on his living room wall. Six years ago, at the age of 78, Roger was in an automobile accident that has left him wheelchair bound. In addition, arthritis makes it very difficult for Roger to prepare food for himself. Roger frequently tells his Meals on Wheels driver how grateful he is to have one warm meal a day.
Dorothy - Dorothy is a 79-year-old female who has been receiving home delivered meals for a little over a year. Dorothy is a diabetic and has an artificial leg. She suffers from heart disease and experienced two strokes after heart by-pass surgery. Dorothy said that before Meals on Wheels she would have rated her quality of life as a 3. Now that she has the service it is at least an 8!
Nell Nell is a lovely 99 year old who lives alone and copes with a number of health problems and is wheelchair bound. She has many broken bones and has difficulty moving around or standing to prepare her meals. "I depend on the daily meals, it means I can eat nutritiously and live on my own", she shared with one of our volunteer drivers. Nell enjoys the daily companionship and conversations she has with our volunteers and looks forward to their friendly smiles.
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